6.11 continue语句 The continue statement

continue_stmt  ::=  "continue"
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continue may only occur syntactically nested in a for or while loop, but not nested in a function or class definition or try statement within that loop.6.1It continues with the next cycle of the nearest enclosing loop.

continue在句法上只能出现在for或while循环中, 但不能出现在循环中的函数定义或类定义中.6.1它重新开始最内层的循环. 6.2


... loop.6.1
It may occur within an except or else clause. The restriction on occurring in the try clause is implementor's laziness and will eventually be lifted.
... 但不能出现在循环中的函数定义或类定义中.6.1它重新开始最内层的循环.6.2
它可以出现在子句中, 限制在try中的出现是由于实现者的缓慢并且最终会实现的.